Grandparents visitation rights are just now emerging state by state. Grandparents can become involuntarily divorced from their grand kids. Emotions run high during a divorce and sometimes the grandparents are the victims. Out of fear of alienating behavior (real or perceived) one of the parents will refuse visitation by their estranged spouses parents. Since each state is different you will need to know the grandparents rights laws for the state where the grandchild resides.

Grandparents rights in Louisiana

grandparents rightsAs everywhere, grandparents rights in Louisiana are a complicated and tangled affair. I’ll do my best to explain the current situation. More information on grandparents rights Read More

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Grandparents rights in South Carolina are constantly changing

grandparents rightsOne of the difficulties when dealing with grandparents rights is that the laws vary so much depending on your state. Read More

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The risk of losing our grandparents rights

grandparents rightsI think most people would agree when we look back at our own childhoods that Grandma and Grandad play a very important role in our lives, espe Read More

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What are a grandparent’s rights after their child’s divorce?

grandparents rightsAre you in a situation where you feel you have lost the visitation rights to your grandchildren? Are you looking for a way to address that issue, legally or informally?

The Read More

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What is considered by courts regarding grandparents custody

grandparnets custodyCourts grant grandparents visitation or grandparents custody to grandparents only when certain conditions provided in state statutes are met. Conditions for a grandparent t Read More

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When grandparents visitation rights are denied

grandparents rightsIn many families grandparents visitation is easy and frequent. Grandparents usually have a special relationship with their grandchildren.  However, in some cases, grandparents have to do far more than be caring, loving grandparents.  When parents have problems that prevent them from taking care of their kids, grandparents are usually the first relatives a Read More

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Grandparents rights in different states

grandparents rights

One of the most perplexing problems with grandparents rights is that they vary greatly depending upon what state court system you are dealing with.

At the most basic level, all states require grandparents to prove that the visits they seek are in the best interest of the grandchild. This generally means grandparents must show that thei Read More

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