Welcome to all Grandparents that are joyfully active in your grandchildren's lives with little or no need to invoke your grandparents rights. This is the section of the web site reserved for stories of good and fun times. Enough of the grandparents visitation rights worries. Feel free to share your stories of those warm and meaningful moments with those little grand angels. You have come to the right place.

Tons of ideas for grandparents games!

grandparents games

Looking for ton of ideas on grandparents games?

Playing games with your grandchildren is a great idea for bonding and a way to spend quality time with them. Below are a Read More

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Neat ideas on how to video chat with your grandkids

kids video chatIf you enjoy talking with your grandchildren on the phone, you will love video chatting even more! It’s video conferencing software you run on your computer that lets you talk Read More

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Fun and educational games to play with your grandchildren

Grandparent visits can be fun times for children, but they are even more fun when you add games into the mix. Children absolutely love to play games and having family members involved in them is actually one Read More

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Games for grandparents and grandchildren to play

Playing with grandchildren is something every grandparent enjoys. For the child, play is an important part of childhood, developing thinking and reasoning skills, teaching social skills and building confidence.

For grandparents, playing with grandchildren Read More

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Games grandparents can play with their grandchildren

Grandparents are capable of teaching their grandchildren things that they would not get to learn anywhere else. The grandchildren will most definitely remember the knowledge, skills, attitudes as well as values that have been passed down by their grandparents.

Most grandchildren who have a strong relationship with their grandparents are known to do well in school work and tend to have a strong sense of family as compared to those who do not have strong relationships with their grandparents. In order to make Read More

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Games and activites grandparents can engage in with granchildren

If you need some suggestions for activities with your grandchildren, here are some:

  • a hike to a nearby natural place, assuming Grandma/Grandpa are up to it
  • a trip to the park
  • fishing, boating, swimming
  • a trip to a museum (appropriate for children, of course)
  • scrapbooking
  • a trip to a spectator sport such as a baseball game
  • state or county fair
  • a train trip is always fun
  • h Read More

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Grandparents Games

Here are some fun games I have found for playing with the grandchildren which don’t require you to purchase anything at the store. Read More

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Games to Play with the Grandchildren

Grandparents Games can be a fun way for you as a grandparent to spend time with your grandchildren whether they are right beside you at the computer of far away from you at home. Here are some of the best sites online sites that feature games grandparents can play with their gran Read More

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My New Grandparents Rights Book – Now Available

I have just published the definitive volume on Grandparents Rights today. My new book No Greater Loss: The Guidebook to Today’s Grandparents Rights is now available in print. It contains everything you need to know about Grandparents Rights regarding visitation, custody, guardianship and much more.

I have written this book to help bridge the gap between Logic and Law. Grandparents have provided and still Read More

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Useful thoughts about grandparents connecting with their grandkids

It all starts when that little bundle of joy wraps his or her tiny hand around Grandpa’s finger.

Now they have you……forever. Don’t fight it, the struggle is useless, you are hooked. The journey has begun. This is to be a journey of discovery for the new grandparents and for the repeat grandparents, still a thrill all the same.

After 6 grandchildren in the past 20 years I can attest that each time is breathtaking, awesome and wonderful. Aren’t you glad to hear Read More

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