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Let me say from the outset that I am an extremely Optimistic Grandparent. My 8 Grands and 2 Great Grands will tell you that Grandpa Neil is a Bliss Ninnie. I will cop to the charge of being a bit of a Pollyanna.   Please don’t construe that to mean that I am not aware of reality   In my 72 years, like the Farmers Insurance ad, I have seen a thing or two. In Read More

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Whenever I am called on to explain why Grandparents Rights is such a tough subject I find myself deflecting  the question. The answer(s) are many and very complicated. A lot of why it is hard is that we all start too late. Most Grandparents wait til there is family unit stability trouble on the horizon to start worry Read More

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The need for Grandparents Rights is directly related to your place in the family structure.



If you are the Paternal Grandparents of a family that is experiencing difficulties you are much more vulnerable to troubled waters when it comes to spending time with your Grandkids. The reasons for this are many and very complicated but the facts still remain the same.

Let’s first consider that the courts, whenever possible, will honor the wishes of the parents. The greatest weight of this is given to Read More

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Caring Grandparents will go to the ends of the earth to support and Affirm our grandchildren. It is not only the most powerful thing we can do but it is also a Grandparents Right.

I know you care about your grandchildren because you have come to this site. I will warn you that caring isn’t enough. If you are among the 2.5 million grandparents actually raising grandkids then here is an essential bit of advice. If you see disaster coming the wa Read More

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Grandparents visitation rights in Kentucky

grandparents rightsReasonable grandparents visitation rights in Kentucky may be awarded to either paternal or maternal grandparents if the court determines that it is in the bes Read More

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Grandparents rights do exist in the USA

grandparents rightsIf you ask to your friend or your colleagues, most of them will tell you that grandparents do not have common law grandparents rights to see their grandchildren if Read More

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Grandparents rights in Utah

Grandparents rights in Utah are a contentious issue as they are in every state. Of course, as everywhere many people in Utah believe that family is the most important thing in life. Families bring happiness and grief to individuals living in Ogden, Salt Lake, Provo, St. George, and the rest of Utah.

The importance of families contributes to the reason why t Read More

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Grandparents rights in Texas

caring grandparentsTexas’ concept of grandparents rights is in line with many of the other states I have examined. As always, to get the best overview of grandparents rights in the Read More

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Neil Taft in the La Mesa Patch Moms Council patch, on grandparents rights!

Every Wednesday, the La Mesa Patch Moms Council poses a question and invites your wisdom—and chimes in themselves. This Wed they choose to let me speak about grandparents rights, and add their views….

LMPMC: Neil Taft on Grandparents Rights