Grandparents visitation rights are just now emerging state by state. Grandparents can become involuntarily divorced from their grand kids. Emotions run high during a divorce and sometimes the grandparents are the victims. Out of fear of alienating behavior (real or perceived) one of the parents will refuse visitation by their estranged spouses parents. Since each state is different you will need to know the grandparents rights laws for the state where the grandchild resides.


grandparents with grandkids at the computer

The Supreme Court of New Hampshire rules to preserve the grandparents visitation rights even if a child’s parents die and they are adopted. This is a sure sign that New Hampshire, at least, recognizes “The best interest of the child” and the need for stability and continuity in their lives.


I have said before that especially during times of family unit upheaval children need more love and sense of security, not less. I take this and other baby steps as a sign that logic may prevail to the benefit of our grand children.

Thank You for being a Caring Grandparent!


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