Grandparents Brag corner. Being a grandparent is not all about grandparents rights and grandparents custody. A picture is worth a thousand words. How about sharing a picture and a thousand words. This is a place for grandparents to tell wonderful and warm stories. kind of like Grandparents say the darnedest things. Let the bragging begin.


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The Loving support for a child is magnified when it comes from Grandma and/or Grandpa. Most kids can count on their parents loving them and lots of them know their Grandparents love them as well. The magic is when they are made to feel special by your showing up at things like plays and sporting events. We all crave love and ap Read More

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Caring Grandparents will go to the ends of the earth to support and Affirm our grandchildren. It is not only the most powerful thing we can do but it is also a Grandparents Right.

I know you care about your grandchildren because you have come to this site. I will warn you that caring isn’t enough. If you are among the 2.5 million grandparents actually raising grandkids then here is an essential bit of advice. If you see disaster coming the wa Read More

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Most Grandparents that respond to this site are already deeply embroiled in a struggle for their Grandparent’s rights and that is certainly a huge portion of what we are about here on Caring Grandparents.  It tears my heart out to read case studies and stories about loving grandparents that are used as pawns in the highly emotional and shortsighted battles that occur when a family unit is in trouble for whatever reason(s).  Many times it is necessary for the grandparents to “bribe” the custody parent j Read More

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Grandparenting Tips: becoming a grandparent via adoption

grandparents adoption

As with all major life changes, adoption is both a wonderful and challenging experience filled with excitement, adjustment and joy. This is no less true for grandparents, as they watch their own beloved children dealing with all the emotions that come with adopting a child. Here are some tips to consider if you are becoming a grandpa Read More

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New study: Grandparents make safer drivers!

grandparent driversOverprotective parents, hand over the car keys: A new study finds that kids may be safer when thei Read More

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My New Grandparents Rights Book – Now Available

I have just published the definitive volume on Grandparents Rights today. My new book No Greater Loss: The Guidebook to Today’s Grandparents Rights is now available in print. It contains everything you need to know about Grandparents Rights regarding visitation, custody, guardianship and much more.

I have written this book to help bridge the gap between Logic and Law. Grandparents have provided and still Read More

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Grandparents rights: A force for good

I wrote a hub page post on Monday and one of the comments reminded me why I do this stuff.  In my mind Grandparents rights are all about the kids.  I know in my heart of hearts that if we are to do anything with our energy then the highest and best use of that energy would be to help these little ones reach for whatever it is that they want in life.  A corny but true fact is that the more love and support they receive the better their chance to succeed at what ever they pursue.  Jump over and check out my hub.  You can find it at Enjoy!