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In the present landscape of Grandparents Rights we are limited to just a few tools. Most of you reading this have already exhausted the common sense approach of appealing to reason. Whatever the reason for the breakdown in the relationship it is still important that we use all the tools at our disposal.

A good first step is to gather all evidence of your ongoing and meaningful relationship with your Grandchild. This should include pictures, letters, card, notes, financial support documents, Kids drawings, social media information and/or just your written recollection of meaningful times spent together. This is one time where more is better. Your best investment of time in this process has to do with your recollection of the times spent with them. In every case I have reviewed the single most important criteria is that you have established and enjoyed a meaningful relationship with your Grandchild. This carries the greatest weight no matter which state your Grandkids live in. (Cases are heard in the state the child is residing in at that time)

I strongly recommend you find a good Family Law Attorney for atleast a consultation. the foremost organization in the field of Family Law is the AAML (American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Depending on a lot a factors you may need this attorney to shepard your case all the way through to completion. Regardless of which route you take the first step will probably be mediation, especially in Grandparent Visitation cases. This is the direction Family Law Courts are moving. It is much less expensive and much shorter than litigation in the court system.

I hope the best, not just for you but also for your Grandchild. Thank You for being a Caring Grandparent.

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