“Remember, if death takes a grandparent from a grandchild, that is a tragedy, but if petty vindictiveness and hostilities within a family amputate a grandchild from their grandparents, then that is a shame.”

                                                                                           Richard S. Victor

                                        founder and executive director of the national nonprofit Grandparents’ rights Organization


Richard Victor is a Michigan Family Law Attorney who has done more for the gains achieved in our Grandparents Rights than anyone else in the country.

His tireless effort over the past 35 years have contributed so much to the field of Family Law in General and Grandparents Rights specifically. The picture, which is the Logo for the GRO is of his son Daniel sitting on the lap of his Grandfather. In a full circle story, while Richard was recovering from a debilitating illness it was Daniel who successfully argued the Michigan Grandparents Rights case in front of that states Court of Appeals. This is a landmark decision that cleared up 10 years of uncertainty about Grandparents Rights.

I say all of this to suggest the best way to Thank a true champion of our cause is to join the GRO and further the cause.


Thanks for being a Caring Grandparent. Grandpa NEIL


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