Games and activites grandparents can engage in with granchildren

If you need some suggestions for activities with your grandchildren, here are some:

  • a hike to a nearby natural place, assuming Grandma/Grandpa are up to it
  • a trip to the park
  • fishing, boating, swimming
  • a trip to a museum (appropriate for children, of course)
  • scrapbooking
  • a trip to a spectator sport such as a baseball game
  • state or county fair
  • a train trip is always fun
  • hunting (older kids, of course)
  • music or art festival
  • trip to the beach or a lake
  • if Gramma or Grampa are tech-savvy, maybe they could do a cross generational blog!
  • Zoo
  • a big jigsaw (with snacks of course!)
  • a movie (good or bad) but if it’s bad, the G.P may wish to host a “bad movie party”
  • amusement park
  • shopping
  • baking cookies or doing crafts at the grandparents’ house
  • making a meal that you can all eat together
  • a visit an old folks home
  • depending on the age of the kids, a weekend camping trip

Older grandchildren can be requested to help Grandma and Grandpa with cleaning or home improvement projects and get an excellent meal out of it.

Older people have a lot to offer. They lived at a different time, and they may transmit ancient skills, stories, and outlooks to children that parents can’t. They say every time an old person dies, a library burns down. Take advantage of grandparents and grandchildren that live

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