The other day I ran across and article on my Grandparents Rights alert on Google. It was an article from 1983 in the New York Times. The outlook for Grandparents in 1983 was certainly bleak. A sign of real and significant progress since then is that there was a ruling to put the 1982 Michigan Grandparents visitation law back on the books in 2004. This cleared the way for Grandparents once again to file for standing in the courts. This is a far reaching development. It has allowed many other state to follow suit.

You may have guessed by now that the champion of Grandparents rights, Richard Victor and his son Daniel were the force to accomplish this mile stone.

Listen, I get that this is a highly complex part of Family Law and that it is extremely difficult to enshrine in law. I am also aware of the danger of unintended consequences of parental rights. Given that I do think it is extremely important that Grandparents be given the chance to state their case, not so much for them but rather for the best interest of the child. My core belief is that Grandkids need MORE Love, not less. It is ever important that the courts have all the information to make their informed decisions.

I like to think of this as a triumph for Grandkids Rights.


Thank You for being a Caring Grandparent.  Grandpa NEIL


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