Grandparents rights are an important issue.

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Even the rate of change is changing. I am almost finished reading “Thanks for being late” by Thomas Friedman. He wrote “The world is flat” back in 2005. It spoke to the world becoming one market, etc. He was spot on. In this new book he takes on the rate of change with technology today. As much as I dislike it, the future is NOW.

It would be fair for you to ask what this has to do with Grandparents, Grandparents rights, etc. Everything is the answer. Let’s start with grandparents living longer and more active lives. My Gram was a housewife. What, you ask, is a housewife? My point exactly. Or consider the fact that many of us have step-grandchildren, bonus grandchildren or even  great grandchildren. That opens a brave new world. Family units are all together different than I remember them 7 decades ago as I was growing up.

Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing? It doesn’t matter, it IS! The jenny won’t go back in the bottle. Now we are faced with how to be in this new world. I don’t know about you but I ask my grandkids for lots of help with my Iphone. I find ways to communicate with them that they prefer because I plan to do all in my power to stay in their lives as much as I can.

The one thing that doesn’t change is that my Grands KNOW their Grandpa NEIL Loves them. I also do all of the things I can to respect their parents way of raising them. My reason for this is a bit selfish. I call it Preemptive Grandparents rights.


thank You for being Caring Grandparents.  Grandpa NEIL

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