Caring Grandparents

Welcome grandparents! If you came to learn about grandparents rights, grandparents custody procedures or issues surrounding grandparents visitation rights, this is THE place. We are here to help.


          Affirming It is easy to forget the rules of good human relations when we are talking to our Grandkids. One of the tenants of my Dale Carnegie training is that we should speak in terms of the others interests. This is especially true when it comes to our beloved grands. We ... [+]

The need for Grandparents Rights is directly related to your place in the family structure.

BLISS   If you are the Paternal Grandparents of a family that is experiencing difficulties you are much more vulnerable to troubled waters when it comes to spending time with your Grandkids. The reasons for this are many and very complicated but the facts still remain the same. Let’s first consider that the courts, whenever possible, will honor ... [+]


WONDERFUL!! Back in the early 1770s, when Thomas Jefferson sat down to write some thoughts of this new experiment in governance it was an exceedingly heady, dangerous and stressful time. I am afraid that Grandparents rights were not front and center in his mind. As a matter of fact neither were parents rights, they were interjected ... [+]