Games grandparents can play with their grandchildren

Grandparents are capable of teaching their grandchildren things that they would not get to learn anywhere else. The grandchildren will most definitely remember the knowledge, skills, attitudes as well as values that have been passed down by their grandparents.

Most grandchildren who have a strong relationship with their grandparents are known to do well in school work and tend to have a strong sense of family as compared to those who do not have strong relationships with their grandparents. In order to make your relationship strong with your grandchildren there are a number of things you can do. One of these is to play with your grandchildren and there are some few tips you can follow.

Playing with your grandchildren will not require much equipment or planning. Sometimes all you need to do is follow their lead because they are better suited to the games than you. They can teach you various games and you just need to go along for the ride. These games can also include computer games which you might not be familiar with and they can show you a thing or two. However, you may also know games of your own that could be of interest to the child because children are impressionable. Most old fashioned board games are still fun to play and they teach your grandchildren how to count focus, think creatively and strategize. These games include Candy, Snakes and Ladders, Memory, Checkers and you can also get them involved in games such as chess.

These games have equal chances of all players to win and they can be played by both kids and adults. You can teach your grandchildren lessons in fair play and taking defeat gracefully. Other interesting old fashioned games are the card games which can be played anywhere because they can be carried around easily. Examples include Go Fish, Old Maid, UNO, Hearts, Solitaire as well as Canasta. Organized activities are also very important this will help the kids stay in shape.

These activities include talking a walk together with them and teaching them a few things on the road. You can also fly kites, play badminton, play hide and seek or even go dancing. You can also leave the children to play on their own by ensuring a supply of art and craft material such as crayons, paper, stickers and the like. This will keep your grandchildren busy at all times and you will not hear them complaining of being bored. By playing with your grandchildren you will also be learning more about them and them learning more about you.

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