No contact with                                                                                               Blissfully enjoying all

Grandchildren                                                                                                 of your Grandkids


                                 *                              I                                  *

                                               One troubled family unit

                                        One or more functioning family unit(s)

                                O   P   I   O   I  D             C   R   I   S   I   S

       Where does your situation fall on this continuum? Most Grandparents have one or more fully functioning extended family units but also have or atleast see potential trouble on the horizon in another branch of their extended family. This is most likely why you are reading this book. I commend you for taking action on behalf of your Grandkids. It is my belief that we are called as Caring Grandparents to do everything in our power to bring more love and support into the lives of our most  precious and vulnerable Grandchildren.

        It is central to the process for you to honestly, unemotionally and accurately evaluate and define where you and your family fall on this line. This is not the time or place for wishful thinking. I can safely assume you are not reading this book for pleasure. This is serious business and it deserves an unvarnished assessment.

       My ten years experience writing in this field has taught me, until recently,  that no two families find themselves in exactly the same situation. The one exception to that has recently reared it’s ugly head is the Opioid crisis. This has been a game changer that has taken many families by surprise. I can, unfortunately, foresee families being blindsided with this crisis. It is ever more important that you arm yourself with all of the knowledge and support you can garner as a Caring Grandparent.

       Please don’t shoot the messenger but this is different. In the past we mostly dealt with family units that gradually began to break down. We could see the signs and have time to prepare. Now some outwardly functioning families are caught in a devastating rapid downward spiral that has far reaching consequences. Our job is to look out for the helpless Grandchildren that get caught up in the storm.

My goal is to create more Love in our Grandchildrens lives. The tool to do that is knowledge and vigilance.


Seek out Grandparent sharing groups, both online and in person.

Search the web for information.

Get Google alerts for information about your situation.

Join discussion groups such as AARP forums.

Become active in your community to call for more help for addictions.

Lobby for immediate solutions.



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